friday is...

flower headband c/o just dawnelle 

#nofilter clouds

// wearing white sundresses
// enjoying the sunshine
// playing with the pup
// rocking your inner hippie
// eating dessert first
// grilling outdoors
// writing to your penpal
// dipping your toes in the pool
// working from home
// reading a good book
// falling in love with the bluest sky
// catching up on lovely blog posts like this & this & this, oh & THIS!
// crying at the internet because seriously with this story?!
// watching seasons of FRIENDS
// kissing the one you love
// celebrating that tomorrow is the weekend

happy day. what's your friday? 

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At-Home DIY: ombre hair tutorial

I'm a total nut when it comes to my hair (where my ladies at?) and can never seem to commit to any actual style. Therefore I'm always wanting a change. And the one style I always seem to come back to.... ombre. Maybe it's because I hate getting my haircut (and trust NO ONE). Maybe it's because hell, my man likes my hair long anyway. Or, maybe it's just because getting your hairs done is too damn expensive.

Whatever the reason, I always seem to just let. it. grow. But obviously that long brown straight mop gets boring after awhile and I need a spruce.

enter: ombre. 

salons are expensive. especially in LA. soooooo...... enter DIY ombre. 


  bowl for mixing bleach
(be sure you read the packet for what kind of bowl is acceptable)
packet o' bleach
(i like to use L'Oreal QuickBlue) 
applicator brush 
*toner can be applied after rinsing bleach to avoid brassy orange. 
I usually don't need it, but you might. 

//step one
make sure you start with dry hair with no product added. add your packet of bleach to the bowl along with a few ounces of developer and mix with the brush. (also helpful to be wearing your gloves) make sure also to be wearing a shirt you care NOTHING about---preferably easy to remove (big open head-hole or button-up).   make sure your hair is falling how you like it and divide it in half pulling each side forward. 

//step two
using the brush, generously apply the bleach to the ends of your hair. I usually start with one side and brush it on, flip my hair over, brush some more, flip again and so on. you want to make sure you've coated the hair as much as possible on all sides. also decide how high you want it bleached and blend it out above that line by only lightly and sporadically applying the bleach. then move to the other side and repeat the process. 

//step three
let the bleach sit on your hair for up to an hour (or per instructions on packet). you will be able to see how light your hair is getting and decide when you're ready to rinse. I like to try and get it as blonde as possible so I leave mine on for entire hour. if you have thinner or lighter hair then you can probably leave it less time. once you are happy with it, pull off those clothes and hop in the shower! rinse that bleach alllllll out and then shampoo/condition as usual. 

//step four
apply the toner according to bottle instructions if you feel like your bleach came out t0o orange. (note: you may need to see your hair dry to know it's true color as it's usually darker when wet)  this should help tame it down. if you are happy with your results, rock that shit. you are officially an ombre-wearing beauty & hair-DIY champion. enjoy!

bleach on
bleach off, dried and finished

*if you feel like you need a watchable tutorial my lovely friend danielle (whom gave me the original inspiration and motivation for ombre) has a great video here on her blogthanks again friend for giving me the courage to be a rockstar. 

*also please note that doing your own hair means you are doing so at your own risk. i am NOT a professional stylist. 

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Taking Stock

 my house super shiny and clean. because it feels oh so good. you know, for that ONE whole day that it stays that way.
 dinner. every night. which if you know me at all is not something that used to do. pretty sure i was certain i was allergic to the kitchen in the past. but now, i have a hard-working man that comes home tired and hungry. so send me your best (and easiest) recipes. 
 diet coke. i'm back on the wagon. 
 i keep alternating between books but haven't found something i love. what are you reading?
 for this new job opportunity that's knocking at my door to work out great. it's got a LOT of potential.... keep your toes crossed for me. this one could be life-changing folks.
 at Molly, waiting to go outside to play and wait for her daddy to come home
 Grey's Anatomy....over and over, again and again. it's my happy place.
 money on lots of boring bills when i want to be having adventures.
 new exciting hoop art with shiny shiny beads. hey who knew hand-beading took forever!?
 for just a bit of change. or maybe a big change.... ya, a big exciting change sounds so sweet right now.
 quiet mornings with a cuddly pup, an empty house and full remote control
 for my fella to come home.... always and forever waiting for him to come home. even though I like the quiet house and control of the remote; i like him even more.
 watching all my plants grow and for once in my life not having a black thumb.
 if i SHOULD be doing the dishes instead of writing this post but realizing there are always dishes and they can wait a bit.
that i finally feel like a grown up with goals, dreams and a daily desire to get there. folks, i even go to bed at 9pm every night!
 that i actually commit to starting cardio barre next week like i keep promising myself that i will.... you can do it!
 at how quickly the time always goes by. we've almost lived in LA for 3 years now and are coming up on our 6-year anniversary this fall. holy wow.
 a genuine soul session with my deepest girl friends. gosh i wish they didn't live 1000miles away!
 a totally clean house (except for those dishes) and feeling proud that I worked my booty off to get it that way yesterday.
 my incredible new FIRMOO sunnies that go from indoor to out. I cannot tell you how much i loooooove these glasses and how easy they were to order! plus they were so inexpensive! you MUST get yourself a pair pronto!
Following:this great IG'er whose photos make me want to eat WAY better, this GORGEOUS bff of mine whose face i cannot get enough of and who i literally want to text 100 times a day & this beautiful friend who makes the very best food i've ever tasted and whose cooking videos with her daughter make me laugh and cry because they are THE sweetest
my house is getting darker and the night is getting later and i should definitely be cooking dinner by now....oops!
 so so tired all the time but anxious to see what awaits just around the corner.... i'm telling you...bring it big exciting change.
Opening:my shop.... someday....hopefully soon!

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So you went to Italy. (v.1)

Him: So I have some exciting news. 
Me: Uh, what?
Him: They want you to come to Italy with me. 
Me: Are you freaking serious?

And so it went. In two weeks after hearing those words, rushing to get a US Passport (yes babe, you told me so.... i should've gotten one years ago) and buying the most expensive and exciting plane ticket of my life; we were in Italy. Sure it was the longest and most exhausting journey ever (but did you know they have little individual tvs on those planes?!) and I learned that I cannot sleep on planes, trains, cars, etc (no matter how EXHAUSTED I may be) but we were in Italy. Flying into Milan deep into the dark of night with the thousands of soft amber lights glowing below the plane was one of those beautiful sights that will never leave me. And considering normally the girlfriend doesn't get to go on the work trip; I was genuinely the luckiest girl in the world. 

After flying into Milan we woke the next morning and hopped a train to Zurich, Switzerland to well, SEE Switzerland... but also meet a good friend of ours who lives in the neighboring country of Germany. That train ride was so incredibly gorgeous with the greenest greens you'll ever imagine and towns and villages that seem like they only exist in hot cocoa commercials. Rolling grassy hills, tall snowy mountain peaks and adorable little cottages with bright blue shutters and radiant red roofs. 

The city of Zurich was amazing. Quaint cobblestone streets, tall clock towers with booming brass bells, busy tourists bustling through the streets and the most picturesque river rushing through the center of town. Besides eating very well (which we did most all of the trip) we also visited a castle because I just LOVE that in Europe; castles are a pretty casual thing. 


Switzerland with all of its history, cobblestone and castles was amazing but after only two short days we hopped back onto a train to get my man to work and see the beauty that is Italy. Thank you Switzerland for such a memorable time.
That post coming soon....

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